The Federal Reserve's political agenda

the issuing power should be taken from the banks

Once upon a time in the kingdom of liberty there was a great famine. With no crops to grow and sell the poor farmers were growing poorer and hungrier. While the wealthy landowners Dukes Earls knights and Bankers only grew fatter and filled their chambers with greater and greater riches.They began to buy the poor farmers lands at well below value keeping the poor farmers poor and their pocket purses full of coin. But the people grew uneasy and with the great burden of finding a solution to this famine the king decided to turn to the wealthy Bankers and Earls for help.


What should I do? And so it was that the bankers and Earls hatched their plan together to take the crown and control the kingdom. Not through murder or war but through lies and deceit. “Go and collect all the gold, jewels, silver and riches from all throughout the kingdom and bring them to us, in return we shall provide the populous of your kingdom with stone pebbles which they will use to purchase food and thus end this famine. You will sign a contract in to law which states that hence forth only our pebbles may be used to purchase goods and pay for services. We shall give you 1000 pounds of pebbles for every 1500 pounds of treasure given us. Every year we shall provide you with more pebbles.”
And just like magic suddenly their famine was over. The kingdom began to grow and the lands were ripe and bountiful again. Every year the king would bring more treasure to the wealthy Earls and they would provide him with pebbles to pay his knights who would in turn pay their peasants and so on. Until one year the kings treasure went empty and the Earls refused to provide him with more pebbles. “What can I do? I no longer have pebbles to pay my knights and I no longer have treasure to buy pebbles.”
With this the Earls began to sew their deceit. “Oh good king have you not heard that our neighbors to the east are quite wealthy? Why not take your army,storm their castle, behead their king? Then you will have a larger kingdom and all of their wealth to buy more pebbles from us.”
The king was greatly troubled by this for he and the neighboring kingdom had been allies for some time.”But how could I a just and honerable man do such a thing to one who has long been a faithful Allie? What would my people think of me?”

The Earls replied “Why not have the black knight sneak out of the castle in the knight and gather men from the country side to aid him? Cloth himself in the neighbors colors, and In the morning he returns with catapults and burns the east tower to ashes. Then the people will believe your kingdom has been attacked and you will have just cause for a counter strike.”So with a heavy heart the king agreed and dispatched his black knight to set about the plan the Earls had suggested. In the morning the king locked himself away safe in his chambers as the black knight approached. Soon he was roused by the watchman and as he emerged into the court yard he saw his great Eastern tower crumble and fall on the village below killing many of his peasants.
The very next day his kingdom’s people gathered at his gates demanding the head of the king to the east.So the king once again consulted the Earls who said “Send your black knight to give word to the neighboring king that he might flee to safety in the kingdom to the south.” So the king sent his black knight on his fastest horse.
The king then gathered his army and marched on his neighbors kingdom setting fire to the land as he went. Searching for the Eastern king that he might have his head. But he did not find him for he had fled to hide in the southern kingdom. The king conquered his new kingdom and returned to his Earls with new treasures and traded for pebbles which he gave to his knights who gave to the peasants etc.


And so it was that upon his return the Earls gave a new command “Now go to the kingdom to the south in pursuit of the eastern king and conquer them too as they have allied themselves with your enemy. But send word that the Eastern king must flee to the north. Bring us all their treasures and we shall provide you more pebbles for your knights.”And so the great king obeyed and marched on the southern kingdom taking their kings head and bringing their treasure to the Earls. Upon his return the Earls insisted that he bow before them.


The king did as they said and received more pebbles. “Now you must sign in to law that any who may be suspect of being a spy should be thrown in the dungeon and their land and property be forfeit to the crown.” and the king did as they wished and received more pebbles.And the king continued to conquer and write into law and behead and plunder treasures the world over all that was commanded by the Earls and the Earls continued to give the king pebbles. Now the Earls had completed their dastardly deed and ruled the kingdom by ruling it’s king.Sadly there is no happy ending to this story for it is a tale of wow which has been spun for generations by those in power and is still happening this very day…all for a few pebbles from some fat Rich Earls who have all the treasure just so that they can keep you having none.

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