Preserving something that is already gone

Have you ever been in a relationship where you get treated like shit and or they don’t appreciate you like they should ? why do we continue and put up with that shit ? I tell you why it’s because we accept the love we think we deserve. Think about that for a minute. A Lot of use think we are too fat or too ugly or that something is wrong with us so we accept what ever love comes our way.

We deserve better but thanks to our self-esteem we accept the shitty relationships.I will admit sometimes its the lack of experience and or immaturity but most of the time it’s just that we have mental issues and accept bullshit in our lives. When we are with someone who treats us like shit somehow we get the belief that we can change this people.

First of if we get together with someone it’s because we accept that person for who they are. If you don’t like who they are why try to change them after you commit to be with them. If someone is not who you want then don’t waste their time or yours. Also if someone doesn’t want you don’t waste your time trying to get them to want you.

If someone ignores you or treats you like shit then leave them alone. You deserve better and you are better than that. Believe in yourselves. I know from experience how it is to try to change people or accept any kind of love that comes my way because I felt like I would never find a better love or person.

Fuck all that have patience and think logically I’m telling you don’t put up with bullshit you are better than that I am better than that.  Stop pointing fingers at people or shit for your own problems.  If you are lazy then stop being lazy if you’re fat then work out get on a diet stop making excuses if you are shy then get on the internet and talk to people on the online.

All I’m saying is stop making excuses and pointing fingers. If you keep coming up with the same excuses you will keep coming up with the same problems and then say stupid things like all women are the same or all guys are the same. Move on shows over get over it go for a walk. 

  • Karen K

    I think we try to see the best in people. We overlook some of the difficulties. Often I don’t realize how much garbage I put up with until after I am out of the relationship, then it’s “why did I not leave this sooner?”

    You are correct though, the key is to work on ourselves. Never hope to change someone else. We are better off alone than accepting any kind of abuse, be it overt or subtle.