Pretty sure I look forward to my boss vacation's more than she does.

The other day at work I lost it popped like a blister in the sun.   For a year now stress has accumulated and instead of releasing the stress or dealing with it I just swallow it like a bitter pill and keep on trucking.  This all started when an ex of mine got promoted as my supervisor.   Yes I know the saying don’t dip your pen in company ink but the person who became my boss is Alicia.


Yes the very same one who has anger management issues. The very same one I have written several post about. Anyways to summarize a years worth of bs the problems that cause me a great deal of stress is my boss lack of experience supervising a shift. She is young and has not had a lot of experience.  At my job my main responsibilities include answering phone calls and emails and doing basic data entry.  That in itself is a full 8 hour job which is full of acceptable levels of stress.

I also take care of our AES department. We have the largest AES network in Dallas and we have expanded to several different cities in TX. That department requires about 8 work to accomplish several different task which include  tech support,programming units,selling units, ordering supplies, selling supplies, checking the strength of the network , and many other things. This department will give you an average amount of stress.

Currently I am working 2 full-time jobs and only get paid for one.  Here are the problems. Due to recent upgrades at work we now have to do more work by answering phone calls from other departments which cuts into the amount of time we have to deal with problems in our own department. Not only that I  am working 2 full-time jobs in just one 8 hour day mixed with the bs of another departments phone calls.  All this has increased the level of stress to near super saiyan levels.

stress level over 9000

I know what you’re thinking if I can’t handle the job then quit. Well I can handle my job  what I can’t handle is having a boss who fails to motivate us and has anger management issues.  The other day was the last straw man I powered up at work went beyond level 9000 punched the wall got tears in my eyes and thought about putting my 2 weeks in.   We had 2 large orders from a dealer who wanted basically 10 of everything we sell.  That’s fine we can do that but part of their order requested (10) 25 ft long cables that i have to measure and cut and crimp on connectors and test each one. doing 10 at one time takes about 4 hours but my boss wanted me to do all that shit in 2 hours.  

Instead of helping me out she started bitching at me like she usually does and so after a year of bullshit that drove me over the edge.  I sent her and her boss an email with a piece of my mind  about 7 paragraphs worth of complaints. My boss is the type that only cares about their own self and will trow you under the bus to cover her own ass. Her lack of experience affects the ability to handle our department.    Well anyways coworkers told me I should have involved HR.  Nah if things get worse I will but overnight things have changed and if they stay that way I will be one happy camper.