This Psychology Test will determine the order of things in your life.


There’s a river:


On one side there’s a girl, on the other there’s her boyfriend. She has to cross the river to join him, but the only way to go is by the ferry, which costs 10$.

She goes up to the boatman and she has the 10$, but then he says that the price went up to 20$. She doesn’t have enough…

This guy passes by and says:“I’ll give you 10$ if you sleep with me.”

She has to see her boyfriend so she accepts the offer. She gets her 10$ and is able to cross the river.

When she arrives, she sees her boyfriend’s best friend tell him that she slept with another guy. Their relationship is over…

Now you have to put in order from 1 to 5 who’s the good person to the most bad one:

Here are your choices:

– The girl 
– Her boyfriend 
– The ferryman 
– The passing guy 
– The best friend


The meaning:

These are the elements that you’ve put in order in YOUR life: 

The girl signifies love 
The boyfriend means family 
The ferryman is your job 
The passing guy shows your lust 
The best friend is of course friendship! 

So how did you do? Do they all apply???