Rejection Chronicles part dos of 3


A few months passed and Alicia and I would hang out even more and I learned a lot about her past she learned a lot of my past. She never liked Lupita and vice versa. When Lupita broke up with me I tried would talk to Alicia about how I was feeling you know the normal sad,depressed, no hope, and blue feelings  felt after a long relationship ends but she would mock me and make fun of me to the point where one time she told me to stop being so gay. That sucked I figured talking to my best friend about anything would not be gay and it would be beneficial to me to help me progress through the stages of my break up with Lupita.  

I am not gay I got tested so I know besides i’ve kissed a girl before and I liked it. From that day on I never told Alicia anymore of my feelings and fears and desires, for what so I could be called gay and a weakling no thanks. Eventually one night Alicia and I were getting drunk at my apartment I had in North Dallas. We got wasted on patron and skyy vodka. I confessed my love to her again for the second time. She told me no we are just friends I’m not attracted to you and you are gay the weakest man alive and a few other things but long story short she said no. After she left I was upset and sad and shit and i played a song that Vicente Fernandez sings called La Diferencia


I downloaded the song and I played it over and over and over and over and over for about an hour. I might have got teary eyed   but after about an hour I felt like going to Lupita’s house to talk to her and try to get back with her. I was semi sober at that point so on my way to Lupita’s house traveling south on 75 I thought I should ask Marie to make sure what I’m doing is a good idea. So I call Marie and at that time it was about 3 or 4 am and no one else answered but she did I explained to her what I was about to do she said don’t do it reconsider. So I told her what should I do she responded by saying come pick me up so I did and Marie helped me forget about my problems that night.


Rejection chronicle finale