Sometimes you realize the journey you been taking has reached its final stop

Sometimes you realize the journey you been taking has reached its final stop. So the question becomes where do you go next? We all need to adapt and move forward in life so that we can get better jobs, find true love or just plainly move on up in the world ? Is it the fear of rejection, the unknown, getting hurt, or just not wanting to deal with the bullshit anymore? I know some people are afraid to leave the past behind them because they don’t think they could find someone better they think they hit their peak. Some of us just accept the love we think we deserve so we accept people treating us like shit cheating on us beating on us and plain old just accepting less than we deserve.


A lot of people do that because they have self-esteem issues they feel inferior so they think they deserve an inferior person as well. Fuck that I been trough that and it sucks. I can relate to the notion that people get tired of dealing with people’s bullshit. In a way people put their guard up raise shields(red alert) to deal with people’s bullshit you know games, lies and immaturity. The bad thing about that is that great opportunities can also be deflected by accident.


At times simple problems or issues will fool us into believing that we need to move forward or change our plans. Before making a serious decision in life think about this, will this matter a year from now. For example you want to get rims for your car but they cost thousands of dollars. Do you really need those rims will it matter a year from now if you have them? A year from now they will have new styles of rims anyways right? Or on a more serious note let’s say you are thinking about moving in with your significant other can you see being with that person in a year or 2 because if you are on rocky slopes things won’t get better. I’m just saying think about the effects of your decision are they worth it and will it matter in the long run. Don’t just rush things or be hasty.


If you find someone who makes you feel great then be around that person or people more often. Don’t just focus on being happy because happiness is just a state of mind just like anger. You cannot stay in one state of mind forever we are not computers our state of mind changes due to emotions so always remember that it’s not a requirement to be happy 24/7 but you should be grateful 24/7 for being alive or healthy or because you have a job and things like that. Don’t get stuck in the same state of mind pattern that will affect your decisions mostly in a negative way.

The worst things that will keep anyone from achieving goals or moving on in life are procrastination, ego, pride and a weak self-esteem. A lot of people just don’t know how to accept defeat. It happens you can’t win every battle. It happens to everyone at one point or another but the thing is if you know what’s wrong in your life and you know how to fix it and make a plan to fix it then don’t bullshit just do it. If you need a better job start getting educated in a trade or something you love to do expand your knowledge. If someone you’re with doesn’t make you happy, satisfies you or makes you feel great and or treats you like shit leave them just like that. Yes I understand things get complicated when it comes to kids and things like that but if your significant other treats you wrong and or you aren’t happy it will affect your kids one way or another.

No matter what you decide to do time waits for no man so keep that in mind 🙂

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