Sorry to Interrupt but you should be with me !


Has anyone else been the subject to a stammering long ass narrative of a female’s life which includes repeated tales of her being treated like shit by tons of dudes or she gets beat on or cheated on and you try your hardest to tell her I’m not the same you should be with me.

I’m better than them I’m a good guy I’ll treat you good feel free to call me or txt me anytime so we can talk about what’s wrong with you and when you are done talking to me or going out and making me spend my money on you feel free to return to the asshole that makes you miserable and bang the shit out of him while you keep me locked in the friend zone bastille.Then you bitch about all guys are the same. What the hell was wrong with me back then ?

I hate that it took me awhile to figure this out but damn son I can’t believe how lame I was. Now a days I don’t beg a female for shit fuck that I don’t even beg my mother for shit much less a simple female. First off a female that keeps going for the same type of guy means she is either immature, doesn’t know what she wants, and or has psychological issues.  Hear me out  I speak from experience. I’ve run into women that accept the love they think they deserve.

That means they will accept the assholes or guys who beat on them or cheat on them over and over because they have something wrong with them in their head and have a self-esteem that is worth shit. So they think they deserve to be with shit.  I’m not perfect I’ve made a lot of mistakes I been the nice guy who gets taken advantage of the asshole who was never nice and cheated on girls and been cheated on but now I’m searching for what I really want in life, and I have absolutely no idea what that is exactly but I have to find out.