Sureshbhai Patel gets body slammed outside his sons home by a terrorist police officer for failing to speak English. (video)

Officer Eric Parker

Officer Eric Parker,terrorist police officer.

Sureshbhai Patel, 57 was assaulted by this terrorist cop for W.W.B.A.F  or better known as walking while being a foreigner.You have to watch this video. How can police officers be this stupid? Are all Alabama cops this stupid ? If you talk to someone and they can’t understand English then don’t assault them for it. This poor excuse for a police officer should be charged as a terrorist.


People can’t even walk in their own neighborhood anymore without getting shot or arrested by assholes on a powertrip. We are supposed to feel sorry when people retaliate and kill cops ? While thousands of  people are killed by cops in a year. Women,children and the elderly it doesn’t matter to terrorist cops they will kill whoever they want whenever they want and get a paid vacation after.


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