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The Federal Reserve's political agenda

Once upon a time in the kingdom of liberty there was a great famine. With no crops to grow and sell the poor farmers were growing poorer and hungrier. While the wealthy landowners Dukes Earls knights and Bankers only grew fatter and filled their chambers with greater and greater riches.They began to buy the poor […]

Princeton Study Declares U.S. government an Oligarchy

Even tho this study was published by a well known school and has plenty of proof a lot of people still wont believe this is possible. They wont believe that their government could do or be such a thing. I don’t know whats so hard to believe that a capitalist government cares more about profit […]

HSBS Bank denies cash withdrawals. Great way to prepare for a bank run.

 The stock market crash of October 1929 left the American public highly nervous and extremely susceptible to rumors of impending financial disaster. During the Great Depression a wave of banking panics or “bank runs,” during which large numbers of anxious people withdrew their deposits in cash, forced banks to liquidate loans and often lead to […]

Cop Breaks into Home with No Warrant & Kills An Unarmed Teen. Judge Dismisses Case

After public outrage and legal proceedings, a judge has simply thrown out the indictment of Officer Richard Haste, who gunned down an unarmed teen, Ramarley Graham, inside his own home, without a warrant. Haste was facing manslaughter charges until the judge tossed the indictment. Yes this is real. What this means is that cops can go in […]

I see you ignored a link on facebook publicly proclaiming your love for me.

I doubt if God is gonna be like “Big O ! Welcome to heaven. Lets see… Looks like you obeyed my laws, besides a few misdemeanors. You were a missionary for a while helping spread the word of me and you resisted the urge to kill hundreds of stupid people I placed in your path. […]

Christmas religious holiday or Hallmark holiday ?

Is it just me or is Christmas now just a commercialized holiday ?  I mean a billions of dollars are spent on gifts and most go toward spoiled ungrateful kids with a self sense of entitlement. What ever happened to seeing your neighborhood full of Xmas lights. They would play a ton of Xmas movies […]

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