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7706-ULF A:24 Z: 358 Failed cell Test Explained

A failed cell test  basically means that the 7706 was defaulted to potter settings  instead of  AES potter settings.   Yes there is a difference.    If you have a 7706 defaulted to the potter settings it turns the radio into a regular  6006 potter fire panel.   If you use the AES potter default then your  6006 potter unit can use the pic and send signals on the AES network. 


This is how the raw data will look before the automation converts it.


Below is the detailed explanation from AES help desk:

Solution # 0690 – E/R358 001 received from 7706-ULF Account


Official Description:

Subscriber out of network


On at least on one occasion, this was reported due to a bad RJ/Modular cable between the PIC (Panel Interface Card 7764) and Potter panel.  

A more common reason may be because the PIC is not properly learned.  Be sure to load the AES “7706-ULF AES Default Config.fpcf” configuration file available as a download from the AES Web site especially if the panel was reset to factory or the default Potter 6006 configuration file from the Potter software was used.   



An example message is:

13 4321 18 E358 24 C001


Where 13 is Receiver #1, Line card 3.

Account 4321,

New Event Code E358

Group or partition 24

Zone or Contact 001


This will be reported with E370 00 C001 from the 7788F portion as well indicating a problem with the Potter Panel or PIC in this case. 


Updated: October 27, 2016 — 1:57 PM

AES IntelliNet 7788F-C RF , 7794 & 7750-F8 Wireless fire radio FAQ

    This is the most common questions I get asked everyday so I decided to write-up this simple often asked questions post to help educate technicians on these units. If you have more questions leave me a comment and I will respond ASAP 

How many goods do i need to pass a fire inspection in Texas ?
2 goods least.


Where can i find out what the status lights mean ?  


For the 7750-F8 AES radio look on page 11 for the 7788 ULP AES radio see section 3.8 of the manual.


Is this signal coming from the radio or the Intellitap/Intellipro ?


Have your central station Check their raw data for the signal if the raw data code starts with a 11 then it’s from the radio if it starts with a 13 then it’s from a full data module. Also the AES units normally only generate and e140 code when the onboard zones are tripped. 


Why am i getting troubles on zones 1 thru 8 all the time ?

 7750 Fire Radios must have power going to the zone card. If not we will get troubles from all 8 zones and we will not get any fire alarms from the radio.If the resistors are missing from any AES radio that will also generate trouble signals on all 8 zones.


 What does zone 10 mean from a AES radio ?

E370 on Zone 10 or E370 C010 is reporting a ground fault. A connection on a G terminal of the 7744F or 7788F is less than 100 Ohms to the Subscribers Battery Ground. On a Subscriber, battery and Earth ground are the same


 What does loss central plg mean ?

 That means a communication time out restore. The only time you should see that signal is in raw data. If you see it in Manitou the wrong template is being used for that aes account.


 What receiver # does the tap have to dial to turn on ? ?  

 The intelitap & intelipro are activated when the alarm panel dialer dials 555


When polling a radio why does it sometimes not give results or takes a long time to show results ?


When polling a radio and you wait a while and never get any results that means we can communicate with the radio.. but it can’t respond clearly back to us. Sometimes the poll results can take 3 to 5 mins but if they take longer than that radio will have  issues talking to us.


Can you remotely program my aes radio ?

If you have the 7750-F8 it can be programed  remotely if it’s a 7788 it can be programed  remotely Only if the tech is onsite and enables the remote programming with a programmer.
Why is my radio sending Status P140 signals?

That indicates an open zone that has not been restored. That’s usually caused by that zone being shorted. If that’s not the case then it will require other Advanced troubleshooting solutions.

What is a E370 signal ?That is a signal that is left open and has not restored. Usually caused by missing resistors.

 What is a zone 9 from the radio ?A zone 9 in a 7788 indicates a charging circuit fault. Please check the battery leads on the subscriber to make sure that they are reading between 13.6 and 13.8 volts. If you are reading less voltage than this please make sure that the transformer is the correct voltage. IF that is OK as well, you may need to replace the battery.
Updated: February 8, 2015 — 6:39 PM
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