The Marie Saga (1 of 4)

My inexperience and perception of love gave birth to this awful voyage. So if you have kept up with my sad stories this tale continues right after the first time Alicia met Marie. Weeks passed after that story happened I went to go pick up Marie from Killeen I decided I wanted her to move in with me. One of the worst mistakes of my life but it taught me a lot.

When I was getting to know Marie I asked her why are you living in Killeen and do you smoke or drink do drugs the usual shit you ask someone you want to bang.  She ran into some issues here and she used to do cheese but she just smokes weed now and she was looking for a serious relationship. The drug use was of concern to me but she reassured me that she quit and no longer did that. Well the day came where I decided to go pick her up so she could move in with me.

She had a lot of shit and I also brought her little sister back from Killeen with us she was just visiting Killeen for the summer or some shit. On our way back we almost died twice. We were south bound on 45 headed towards Dallas our speed was about 70 mph. We were traveling on the left most lane when this car appears out of nowhere it comes out from left field literally from the grass and cuts in front of us. I swear I’ve never stepped on the brakes that hard in my life. Everything slowed down to a crawl it was similar to the matrix I see the car coming up in front of us and we were about to tbone that bitch just then I engaged evasive maneuvers and brought my car hard to port.

Thanks to my quick reaction we did not tbone that crazy bitch that ran in front of us but just when the coast looked clear and we started going into the median grass field my hood hits the right corner of her bumper and we go flying into the grass in between 2 freeways. My vehicle (2007 metallic Sebring) would not stop It was sliding on the grass and we started approaching north bound traffic. Again my quick thinking saved us i released the brakes and turned hard to starboard and hit the brakes again and we stopped about a foot away from incoming traffic.

All this happened in about 20 seconds or less but it felt like 2 minutes to me. I swear everything slowed down. Anyways I open my door jump out and run towards the front of the car and the only thing that got messed up was my light and the right fender it peeled away somehow like when you open a sardine can. Just then Marie’s little sister starts screaming like a crazy bitch THAT SMELL THE CAR IS ON FIRE!! After hearing that my next task was to open my passenger side doors to get them the fuck out before they burned. Suddenly I realized what the smell was I yelled it’s just the brakes they overheated.

By this time 6 or so cars stopped on the side of the freeway my first thought was fuck this bitch cause a multiple car accident. The culprit was nowhere to be found I ran across the freeway looking at all the stopped cars and none of them were damaged. Anger consumed me I yelled out shit they took off but then Marie said no she’s over there next to a stopped car and yes she was the bitch was crying. The first thing I asked her was what the fuck is wrong with you!!?? Just kidding the first thing I asked her was if she was ok are your hurt shit like that. sure enough we asked her what the hell was she doing she said ‘I was going north bound on 45 and I was running late for school I had to bust a U but I did not want to go a few miles down the freeway to exit and come about so I decided to bust a U through the median grass.

I told her that’s dumb you could have killed someone just to save yourself a minute or 2. She started crying. I asked all the people who stopped if they witnessed what happened and they all said no. We called the 5-0 and a state trooper showed up. He asked me the usual name DOB insurance and shit and asked me what happened I told him everything. He looked at me in disbelief and said so she did what. He looked at me funny and started asking her the same questions. She told him the same thing she told me I was running late for school I busted a U in the middle of the freeway like a dumb bitch and caused an accident.

The state trooper said you did what now are you serious. So she starts crying even more. She was driving a Honda late 90s model the only thing I did to her car was somehow break her rear bumper off and broke her tail light that’s it. She gets a ticket for being a dumb ass I thank her for being honest and we make it back to Dallas. At first things were great she could not cook worth a damn but she learned and she did never want to clean but I made her start cleaning. She would always have friends coming over and shit and I told her cut that shit out I don’t like having strangers coming over.

For a while things were good but slowly problems arose.

Part 2

  • Marie

    wow! really mad at me..? but i still love ya!

  • Big O

    no I’m not mad at you anymore.