The Rejection Chronicles 3 of tres

Can you be in love with someone you’re not in a relationship with? During the year or 2 that my rejection chronicles stories occurred I was naive I was foolish. I can’t fully explain how I felt during that time but I know it felt right when I spent time with her.A few months after I got rejected a second time I started talking to Marie more and more and it started getting a tad serious. Marie eventually started telling me she wanted to be my girlfriend and I would tell her I’m not ready for that and I don’t want that yet. What I should have told her is that I was in love with Alicia and that I wanted to be with Alicia and not her.  

I started hanging out with Alicia more and more as well at that point in my life I was partying every weekend at a bar called M Street bar here in Dallas.  One faithful night my entourage and I were at M Street bar drinking like there is no tomorrow.  My courage increased exponentially that night to the point where I stood close really close to Alicia and yelled something like why can’t we be together or something unmanly like that.

I got really wasted that night I can’t remember exactly what I said but I remember what she said, she told me ‘Gordo I am not attracted to you we are just friends and I don’t want to lose that and  we already talked about this’. That next morning I made a vow unto this earth that I would never ask her out again and beg any female for anything. That night that I struck out for the third time like a bitch I went home and listened for an hour or 2 to this song


Yes that song again If you remember it’s the same one from part 2 of my story.

After this rejection I focused all my attention on Marie. Yes I admit she was a plan b and I was wrong for that. At the time I did not think about it like that. 🙁