The Rejection Chronicles : Parte uno of 3

Before I start I want to make it clear that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. The problem is some people learn and let go of the past and some can’t  Well this goes back a few years 7 or so  my memory is sort of faded on exact details but the pain I won’t forget haha. Well Alicia started hanging out with me more and more it became a daily thing for a while. She used to live not that far from me and she was going through some issues and did not want to live at her apartments anymore. So I used to go into work real early and she would get of a few hours after me. There was a month where she was there almost every day. She told me her favorite days of the week were her off days because she could come over and hang out.


Like I mentioned in an earlier post one day she got upset because my apartment was dirty and my dishes were dirty and the place was a wreck  yes it I admit it was a horrible sight but she went off on me like a blister in the sun. So I went off on her and told her she knows how I am and if she don’t like it too bad and if she ain’t going to help me I can do bad on my own. Well she had this crazy look on her face and just when I thought she was going to flip out like Lupita used to she started cleaning and cooking and picking up. I was shocked dazed and confused. From that day on she would cook and she can cook really bad ass make you wanna slap your mamma good. The thing was we would have deep conversations and confess things to each other and see each other half-naked and shit and I started thinking to myself this can’t be a normal friendship.

So I asked some friends and explained to them how I felt. They basically told me if I have feelings for her to just say it so one night I did I asked her I said we have been hanging out a lot and we do a lot of things that normal friends don’t  are we starting something here and going beyond friendship because I’m starting to feel more than friends. I said something like that. She told me that she didn’t feel that way and we was just friends and she didn’t want that to change so I was like OK and started talking to more girls in particular Marie.

Part 2 of 3