Three men are lost and wandering through the desert. A black man, a méxican man, and a white man. Near death, they stumble upon a lamp.

They open the lamp in hopes of finding water and a genie pops out. “Now that you have awoken me, I shall grant each of you one wish.” The genie said. The black man was the first to respond, “I wish that all of my fellow black people and I can be returned to Africa, where we can happily flourish without racism, scrutiny, and ridicule.” Poof! The black man disappears.

The méxican man responds next, “I wish that all of my fellow méxican people and I can be returned to México, where we can live happily and peacefully without racism, scrutiny, or judgement.” Poof! The méxican man disappears. The genie looks at the white man, who responds, “So….all the black and méxican people are out of America?” The genie nods his head yes. “Well then,” the white man replies, “I’ll have a coke.”

Updated: August 23, 2014 — 6:47 am
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