Tortillagate Scandal

Lupita always had anger management issues  I could never act my true self around her because I was always afraid to piss her bitch ass off. Anyways one time we went out for a few drinks with Martin Prince and his date. We then went to Cuquitas the one that used to be in East Dallas on Henderson.

That place was always packed they had really good  Hispanic food mostly Mexican food.They also had some Salvadoreño food like pupusas. They served warmed fresh made tortillas with butter man they tasted so good. Just thinking about them is making me hungrier.So we end up at Cuquitas that was the place to go.

My dad used to take me to Cuquitas all the time. Several of my friends and family used to go there. So we sit down to eat we order our food and they bring out the yummy warm tortillas soooo yummy. I was famished and Martin’s date was taking a long time making him a tortilla with butter so I asked her if she could fix one for me. She said sure.

So she finishes with Martins tortilla and she starts working on mine and Lupita flips the fuck out. She was all like how come you asked her to do it and not me and she is not your gf and that’s wrong and i am  wrong and all kinds of shit. The whole time everyone else is telling her its ok its just a tortilla but to no avail. Later on that night we had a big ass argument about that. Last time I went to Cuquitas with Lupita that’s for sure.