U.S Marshall's in Albuquerque shoot unarmed man and their response "fuck due process he is a criminal and deserves to die"

Fuck that I would move out of that city have you seen the police riding around in tanks with full gear on ?  Those bitches look like they are ready to declare martial law. 1st they kill an unarmed mentally challenged individual for camping illegally. How does that shit justify murder ? Then the people get tired of that shit and start peacefully marching in the streets voicing their opinion when the APD sends in soldiers with tanks and starts beating the shit out of the citizens.  They don’t even do that shit in Russia.

So now these Marshall’s in front of a crowd shoot an unarmed suspect with his hands on the steering wheel before the poor bastard can even step out of his vehicle. You can tell they wanted to murder the guy because everyone who shoots at a gun range and or those who are certified to have them know that you shoot at center mass. Yes those asshole Nazi Federal agents shot to kill fuck it less paperwork right ?

Take your streets back Albuquerqueans before its too late. 


beating the shit outa you