Vaccines don’t work, admits Fordham University, but you must have them to attend classes

 Vaccines now days are bullshit big Pharma methods of mixing one thing that has a slight chance of preventing something with a bunch of heavy metal cancer causing ingredients. This shit blows my mind why don’t people get the fact that ALL big corporations are in if for the money. Yes even companies that deal with health.  How can you trust a company with a goal to keep people sick to keep making profits.  Get it through your heads people you can’t make money by curing diseases most vaccines today are full of shit no one needs in their bodies.

Almost all my friends and family have avoided flu shots and some of us have not had the flu in a few years. As soon as my mother got a flu shot she got sick  for 2 weeks and the funny part is she didn’t even need the shot she took it because she was fooled into believing that one flu shot can protect against millions and millions of different flu strains out in the wild and should take one to avoid the flu.    


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