Whenever my husband wants to film us having sex I always agree

Whenever my husband wants to film us having sex I always agree and then shout random things during filming like “OMG it’s so small” “you gonna cry this time” you want me to fist your butthole again”

That’s just my way of guaranteeing he never shows that tape to anyone.

  • Never heard of deleting the audio and faking it with moans and screams?

    • no do tell 🙂 share your experience.

  • Kenneth Branner

    Slrman that is some dreadful music you listen to. What a dirge!

    • Kenneth, you are an asshole that knows nothing about music, Go fuck yourself you tone-deaf bastard.

      • Kenneth Branner

        It might be a good idea you watch what you say around me lest I shove that ukelele up your ass

        • Any time, any place. I’ll even pay your way anywhere in the world so you can carry through your threats. Put up of slink away like the cowardly cockroach you are.

          • Kenneth Branner

            Send me your money grandpa. I’ll beat you black and blue you old cunt

          • Hah! I knew you’d run, you terrified bitch-boy. I make an offer that you either had to accept or show your true colors,, yellow front and back.

            What have you to lose? Nothing more than some broken bones and a life forever changed.

          • Kenneth Branner

            You dopey old cunt. I could put my fist straight through your haggard body you stupid fuck

          • First of all, I’m not stupid enough to send money to a lying coward that would only steal it and not show up.

            Send your information and where you would like to meet. I’ll book you a flight that is non-refundable to you and cannot be exchanged for a different flight. I’ll also buy insurance that pays me if you fail to show up at the final destination. It’s like a performance bond.

            Insurance companies, not being in business to pay claims but to collect premiums, will recover their loss from the failing party – you.

            Next, you had better check out my page at http://www.photobucket.com/slrman Unlike you, I have no qualms about proving who, what, and where I am.

            Then let’s meet and you can try to “put your fist through my body” as you threaten. That sounds like a death threat. Maybe you would be more confident if you had a weapon – club, knife, gun? Anything you want. That will make it more fun for me. It also means I can do whatever I think is necessary to defend myself.

            You’ve made the threats. I have offered you a free trip anywhere on earth to carry them out. Either you put up or slink away like the slimy, cowardly little worm you are.

            Face me, dipshit. I’ll love it. It will be fun for me. For you, not so much.

  • Kenneth Branner

    slrman, you a deluded fool. You’re plan to pay my way to your funeral is as dumb as your photobucket pages. You have abysmal taste in music, a history of buying piss poor cars and watching you play the guitar, well, I nearly pissed myself laughing. I showed it to a few guys in the office and they all laughed at your pathetic version of Puff the Magic Dragon. Embarrassing. Seriously embarrassing.

    I guess you wanted me to look at your pictures because you think you can do karate. You look totally retarded in your pictures and you would last less than a minute with me you fat old fool.

    I have found your blog too. It’s shit and everyone on their seems to think you are some kind of troll.

    I didn’t realise you were such a dumbass. Actually, I did realise you were a dumbass. It is obvious from your photo.

    • I knew you’d never respond to my offer, you’re a coward and a liar. You have made it clear that you are terrified of ever facing me You ignore my offer and try to change the subject. All that does it demonstrate your cowardice and that you know nothing about music or cars.

      Apparently, you are also too stupid to read the comments. My own music videos there were made within 90 days of resuming playing after over 20 years of not playing. Put something up of you doing anything at all.

      No balls for that have you? You also reveal an abysmal ignorance of cars. You think a Shelby GT500 is a “piss poor car”? What do you drive? A Yugo? If you could read, you would have noted that I autocrossed the Corvair for over 7 years and never lost to any Mustang, Camaro, Firebird, or any V8 car. That’s “Piss Poor”? What as pathetic loser you are.

      I would last less that a minute with you? It would take me no more than 5 seconds to change your life forever. That’s after you take the first hit. You’d never walk, talk, look, or think the same way again.

      I know you’re afraid to reveal who and where you are. So here’s what you can do Match my offer and pay my way somewhere. Then you can hide in the crowd and cower when you see me arrive. Wait, cower is what you’re doing now. That’s beside showing everyone how dumb you are.

      As for my blog, how sad that you could not comprehend anything in it. Fuck you, shit for brains. Put up or STFU. Everyone reading this now knows you are the stinking little coward with an IQ smaller than your shoe size. Face me, you craven little snot rag. Stop weaseling out of it. I will love to teach you some things about martial arts Specifically getting the first hit against me will not save your ass from broken bones and a smashed face. Either way, I’ll pay your trip or you can pay for mine.

      Any time, any place. It will be two mistakes at the same time for you. The worst and the last of your life. People on permanent life support make no decisions and therefore, no mistakes.

      What are you so afraid of? It will only hurt for a short time. When you wake up, you’ll be on drugs to control the agony. Yes, I have done this before. I am still here, still healthy, and ready for another keyboard commando.

      I noticed you carefully ignored the records of my daily workouts. Maybe you’ve decided that someone that does over 1,000 push ups a week for warm ups is a little bit intimidating? That would be the smartest decision you have ever made in your life.

      I’m waiting, but not holding my breath. Everyone already knows you’ll have plenty of excuses, but no courage.

  • BigODFW

    Kenneth thanks for visiting and thank you for your comments I literally laughted out loud just now.

    • You laughed because a cowardly asshole is showing what a moron he is ans well as a potential thief, for certain liar, and coward? Hmm, you have a good point. He is kind of funny being full of bluster, boasting and BS. You know hes all nonsense. He;ll never face me no matter what offer, Free travel, a weapon, first hit – none of it will entice him from behind his keyboard.

  • Dean Fiddle

    Had you again, you twat!

    • All you had was another opportunity to demonstrate that you’re a troll, liar, plagiarist, slanderer, coward, and all-around fool. As always, you show yourself to be these things. To give you credit, you are consistent.

      You attempts on my blog were as pathetic as usual. You should have someone who knows more about these things (almost anyone compared to you) teach you how to do it much better.

      Then, maybe it’s that you want to be known throughout the internet for what you are, as everything I have said. You must be a metal masochist to so often show everyone what a worthless piece of shit you are.

      BTW, where is that thesis or lecture (you often change what it is) you were supposed to be giving at Harvard? Oops, awkward moment for you. How sad that you’re too stupid to avoid making statements that you cannot back up.

      I can and will follow through with my many offers to meet you anywhere, any time at my expense. You’ll have no more than ten seconds to apologize and retract your lies and crimes. If you don’t then I’ll start breaking your bones. That’s not a threat, it’s a promise. Nor are the things I have said you are insults, either. They are accurate descriptions back up by your own posts.

      Keep it up, you miserable shit bag. Sooner or later, you’ll make the mistake that allows me to positively identify you. Then we’ll have our day. First in court, then “up close and personal.”

      BTW, Tor is no longer a guarantee of anonymity. Haven’t you been reading the news about it? Nor will they protect you against a warrant served on them because you have used them to commit crimes.

      The day is coming, you pathetic punk.

  • BigODFW

    Tor is only safe when you turn off Java and you can’t do that when commenting

    • Excellent point. Obviously, you know a bit more than “Dean Fiddle”. Hes been stalking me on the internet for a couple of years. One day I’ll find him and put an end to his activities. He’s engaged in slander, or it might be libel in some jurisdictions, plagiarism, and more.

      A day in court with him would be a beautiful thing.I doubt he has any assets, so it wouldn’t be profitable, but that’s not the point.