Whenever you do something stupid just remember;

The Roman Emperor Caligula waged a war on Poseidon. He ordered his army to march to the beach and start stabbing the water.

When there weren’t enough condemned criminals to fight the lions in the arena, Caligula ordered random spectators to be dragged from the benches into the arena.

He was convinced he was entitled to behave as a god, and demanded to be worshipped as one, sometimes preferring to be addressed by the name “Latian Juppiter’”.

Made laws “public” by putting them on boards high on pillars and in very small writing, rendering them essentially illegible, in order to ensnare the public; Caligula then took pleasure in punishing those who would break the laws they were unaware of.

Amidst his bisexual and incestuous promiscuities, he eventually impregnated his favorite sister Drusilla. It is said he disemboweled her to remove the unborn would-be demigod child from the womb.  Upon Drusilla’s death Caligula had her deified.