Windows, Linux, and Mac explained

So I’m a Geek and my operating system of choice is Linux. But a lot of people have never heard of Linux and are confused by it. An even bigger number are confused by Mac. So to save time and a lot of techno babble I offer the following simple to understand comparison.So let’s say there are 3 clubs in Dallas. We’ll call them Club Micro (Windows), Big Apple (Mac), and Club Luxy (Linux).


We will start with Big Apple. Big Apple is a high class swanky joint that has the highest door cover charge in the city $200 to get in. There is always a line around the Block waiting to get in but there’s a strict dress code and all patrons are frisked at the door. The lay out inside is very Luxurious futuristic and space agey. There’s lots of neon lights everywhere. The floor has lights, the bar tops are Plexiglas, the tables are Plexiglas.


There’s chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The hippest celebrities go there. There’s always the hottest music playing. There’s never a dull momen. The bathrooms are always kept clean. The staff is very friendly and curtious. The drink specials are low priced and always a double. There’s a well guarded VIP lounge where the owners hang out and they only allow staff members or those with special permission in. The owner’s keep a short leash on all of their employees and only an owner can tell a staff member what to do.


Now let’s review Club Micro. Club Micro always has a line around the block through the parking lot and down the street. Club micro only has a $20 cover charge and anyone can get in. The drinks however are on the expensive side charging $20 for a beer. There is no doorman to frisk patrons or ask for id. The layout is some what similar to a gymnasium. Just 1 large open room with a bar in the middle. There’s no chandelier or fancy lights. The bartop and tables are typical wood grain. The music is OK but not the hottest music out. They usually play last decades hits.


Don’t be surprised if you get hit on by the club owner. He’s always on the dance floor flirting with everything that moves. Then there’s the staff. They’re very lazy and spend most of their time sitting around doing nothing. They will only ever help their patrons for a “tip” on the bright side once you tip them they do whatever you want them to do. Just last week one of them stabbed the owner for a $10 tip. It’s the most popular place in town for those of middle to lower class income and there’s no id check or door man, no bouncers which means there are a lot of fights and drugs that come in. Often the club owner is so drunk that he can’t break them up so the place gets shut down early almost every night.


And then there’s club Luxy. Club Luxy is more of a underground type scene that only people who know about go to. There is no cover charge and the drinks are free (optional tip) there’s a door man who always checks id and frisks every patron. There’s a VIP lounge where the owner hangs out and runs things. The layout is quite similar to Big Apple without the neon lights and Plexiglas table tops. The music played there is not the typical thing you hear on the radio unless you’re familiar with underground style but it’s current and enjoyable. The club is run by a skeleton crew that is always willing to allow you to serve yourself. The club owner is always willing to talk to you and very polite but still selective about who is allowed into the VIP lounge. Many have tried over the years to force entry to the VIP lounge but no one can get past it’s Guard he’s the best in the city. The staff are very accommodating.


So this in a nutshell explains how the 3 operating systems work in a nutshell. Given the choices: you can’t afford Big Apple, you don’t know where Luxy is and you hate underground Rock, but you got $20 to get into Micro don’t you?

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