Yeah I do mind , last time I saw you, you left me high and dry in a fleabag motel


Sam: What are you doing here coming in like you own the place ?

Tara :  (pretends to knock on door ) better?  you wa

nt me to call ?  Hi BigO its me the chick you been fucking mine if  I interrupt and say hi to you and your cute little dog ? 

Sam :  Yeah I do mind , last time I saw you, you left me high and dry in a fleabag motel in the middle of the night !

Tara : I had to  !

Sam : That wasn’t the first time ! I don’t have time for that bullshit !

Tara : Maybe I’m not in that big  hurry to get something going  with my best friend !

Sam : Then why are you here ?  It was your big idea to have sex !

Tara : Don’t act like you don’t like it !

Sam : You only come around when you need something or when no one else wants to hang out with you I am through being your plan B !  DON’T treat me like an asshole 

Tara : Do you think I would sleep with you if I thought that ? 

Sam : I have no idea what the fuck you think  girl but I tell you what I think , I think you better give me one good reason not to throw you out of here  right now bitch  !!!

Tara : I’m not good at this

Sam : Try harder

Tara : Silence….   I’m sorry  I don’t know how to be with somebody  , maybe I’m unboyfriendable