You Don't Deserve Me And I Sure As Hell Don't Deserve You

Jess: I think we made a mistake moving in together we were each others  first real relationship and i just think we moved too fast maybe we should spend some time apart.

Hoyt: Why don’t you just tell me the thing going on inside you that you don’t want me to know.

Jess: Theres nothing.

Hoyt: Bullshit why don’t you tell me the fucking truth.

Jess: Ok I’m a vampire & maybe I’m only just now realizing  that maybe  I’m not supposed to be in a monogamous relationship. 

Hoyt: After a year ! of you letting me think that we were happy ?

Jess: We Were happy.

Hoyt: I know there is some one else. 

Jess: ………..

Hoyt: Aww man you fucked someone else  ?

Jess: No.

Hoyt: You bitch got dammit  you broke my fucking heart. 

Jess: I never meant to hurt you !

Hoyt: This whole time I been sticking up for you I been getting beat up..for you ! you know what you don’t deserve me and I sure as hell don’t deserve you ! I deserve someone who is not going to be a fucking virgin for all eternity I deserve someone I can have a normal life with , with kids and daylight someone who is not going to look …at all the love I have to offer and just say sorry not good enough. Someone who is not fucking dead. Just get out get  the fuck out.