You're not growing up if you're not losing friends.

not going to appologize for who i am

You’re not growing up if you’re not losing friends. That’s a really famous quote. Just this year, I lost approximately 20 friends. Now that’s not worth, is it? I can never understand the logic behind a human’s‘ psychology. Humans act without even thinking. ‘Think before you speak’ is never executed or implemented by humans. He says that he stopped talking to me because I’d stop talking to him in future anyways. Is that a reason to stop talking to anyone? Doesn’t look like. It all just hurts so much. Humans have a tendency to assume that they take the right decision ALL the time. I might be wrong too.  I should probably look at the whole situation from his point of view. But is that what the world cares about? If I start thinking about others needs, I’d probably get invisible soon and people wouldn’t even care about me. 

i refuse to appologize for being a bitch

But isn’t it inhuman or selfish to think about only one’s self and not about others?  There comes a phase in every humans life where they get really confused about what to do. Confusion between the right and the wrong.  Situations like this lead to depressions and depressions lead to isolation of that particular individual.  “Humans are a social animal” said Aristotle. This means that no human can live without friends. But humans are so heartless that they avoid a few humans and act really rude towards them.